This I Believe

Leanne - 52242, Iowa
Entered on December 4, 2006
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: family

I believe in card games

I believe in card games. Sitting outside around the old white glass table on that spring day next to my families newly dug in-ground pool, I didn’t notice a thing about the Easter party. You know the party I mean? The one where the entire family comes over. I was mesmerized by the black and red cards in my hand. We were playing rummy, just like every year and as I laid down my last card and got more and more excited by the rise in points under the abbreviated name “Lee” I realized how much fun I was having with my family. I realized how much fun I always have playing cards.

I believe in card games. Not just the easy card games, like war and speed. No, no, these were card games. The kind I boggled my mind over for hours and still couldn’t win against my grandma, who always seemed to have that straight flush as if she was hiding it somewhere in the layers and layers of clothes she wore. The card games that had names like follow the queen, shanghi, aggravation, peanuts, and rummy.

My family has always been a card playing family. I guess it started way before I was even born. My grandmother would tell me stories about sitting in her old apartment in Chicago playing cards with her “lady friends.” And of course having her own poker club that she went to every week was a must. And my mother never missed a chance to have some of my relatives over to play a game of dimes. She would always say, “want to come over for a game of cards later?” And I would know perfectly well that it wouldn’t be just a game of cards. It would be let’s play until grandma gets tired because she’s not winning. When they did come over, I would race downstairs clad in my pajamas with the built in slippers and try to play up to the adults potential, but it was only by luck that I could scam a few quarters from the table. Or I would just sit on the corner of the wood table, play with the change, and eat the snacks that were put out. Yes, my family and I live off cards during the holidays. I could never get enough of the silence during someone’s turn and the hollering when someone took a bathroom break and made everyone wait till they returned.

I believe in card games. I am a card player because I have been raised around them since I can remember. I believe that playing cards brings people together. And, sitting around the rickety, brown, old folding table I can face that three of a kind and know that the players around me are my family. And it’s me and the cards with my crafty mind. And maybe a little help from my hovering father.