This I Believe

Lilly - Iowa City, Iowa
Entered on December 4, 2006
Age Group: 18 - 30

Laughing is contagious. Whether you’re upset, frustrated, sad, or disappointed, laughing is a great way to make you feel happy. It’s a great device to drown your worries away. Laughing reduces stress, helps fight infections, and reduces pain. It doesn’t matter where you are or who you are with. Laughing is a comfortable thing to do around anyone. I believe in the power of laughter.

One day, I went to a movie with a couple of friends of mine at a movie theater. I was excited to watch this movie because I heard it was very funny. The movie started to play and I laughed all the way throughout the whole movie. I couldn’t keep quiet. I just kept laughing and I knew I had to be quiet in the movie theater so I tried to hold my laughter in by chuckling. I don’t know why I was laughing so hard. Maybe because the movie was really funny or I get amused easily. I made everyone around me laugh. At first, my friends told me to be quiet but then later they gave in and starting laughing. The person in front of me looked back and I thought he was going to yell at me but he cracked a smile and started to chuckle instead.

This happened a few years ago but I still remember it to this day because not only was I laughing throughout the whole movie, I made everyone laugh around me. I laughed so much my stomach and face started to hurt. I even had tears in my eyes. I believe that the power of laughter is contagious and that it causes quick happiness. It is an easy, cheap, medicine to get rid of any moments of sadness.

There have been times where I just laugh a lot. I love the moments where my friend and I would have lunch together and we would laugh the whole time. We would just talk about everything and laugh. People would look at us but it didn’t matter because we were carefree and happy.

Everyone has a distinct laugh. I tend to have a high-pitched giggle for my laugh. Either I annoy people or make others laugh around me. People chuckle, snicker, hoot, cackle, and chortle. Some people sound like hyenas and others sound like Santa Claus. It doesn’t matter, just laugh.

I love to have fun and just be silly. It is a great thing just to laugh and be happy for laughing. It gives people so many memories, special moments, and silly times which is why laughing is so unique and special. That is why I believe in laughter. To this day, my friends and I still laugh when we watch that same movie that we saw in the theaters.