This I Believe

Molly - Littleton, Colorado
Entered on December 4, 2006
Age Group: Under 18

I believe in humanity, in the possibility of beauty and individuality amongst the human race. I believe that through the arts and self awareness, we can find the beauty of our existence. Humanity can conquer that lost, dark place within the world and bring out the beauty of existence.

Humanity is so much more than six billion people bustling aimlessly about the planet. The essence of our existence is thought. Intelligent thought is the only thing making us human. As people, we all possess a great power. A life has no limit of worth, the impact we leave as human beings can be as great or as minute as we choose to make it. A single person can change the world in so many ways. Too few people realize the great worth a life. Our world is the most beautiful place any human has or will ever see. Life is the single greatest endeavor ever taken on by any man. The small amount of time we exist is the longest any human has existed. There are no excuses not to live. All people are given a world to live on and a beginning, that is all they need. There are limitless possibilities. As humans, we can do absolutely anything.

Humanity is the power of expression. We, as humans, have music, art, language, beautiful vessels of expression. Through these mediums, the human condition can be captured. These things are universal, all human beings can appreciate a moving concerto or a colorful canvas. With these notes and words of expression, we can change the world. Only through art and expression can we transcend the bounds of time. The words of Chaucer, Shakespeare, Voltaire and countless others live on hundreds of years after their individual deaths. The rudimentary drawings of cave people survive hundreds of thousands of years after their etching into the wall. The paintings of Monet, Picasso, da Vinci and Van Gogh still hang on walls the world over. With music and art, people can express the deepest, most mysterious aspects of the human condition. And only through these expressions time is lost. Immortality is achieved through expression.

I believe that humanity is the most valuable thing left in the world. Our ability to appreciate and preserve the beauty of nature, the vastness of time and space and the fragile nature of our individual lives is what makes the human race what it is. I believe that each person has the capacity and ability to make an impact on the world. I believe that if I have influenced or provoked the thoughts of even a single person that my life has been worthwhile. After all, life is little more than an ebb and flow of ideas. If a single idea of mine has been successfully cast out into the world, my life has not been a waste.