This I Believe

Michael - La Vista, Nebraska
Entered on December 4, 2006
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: sports

Never Give Up

One night last winter, the transmission in a car was ruined and then two months later, on a cold night, an accident occurred on a dirt road. These two events made my life very difficult and it made it hard to care about what went on in my life. There are many times in my life that have been especially hard on me because I used to be the type of person who would over think things and become overly stressed out. I felt like giving up, not suicide, but just not even caring anymore. Now as I have become more mature, I believe that you always have to keep fighting and never give up, letting things go that need to be let go.

Last winter was hard for me because of a few events or mistakes as I call them. The first event that started it out was my fault and I, being stupid, was trying to show off in my car. I knew what I had done exactly as soon as I heard the gears scratch and not shift. I also knew that I would have to call my dad and I thought that would be it for me. My dad would wait to yell at me till after the transmission was fixed and this is when it started to hit me. I became very angry, and I determined I just really did not care anymore. That feeling would go away after a while but in another two months would come back stronger than before.

It was supposed to be a good night; my friends and I were going to spend the night out on a friend’s relative’s farm and then go hunting in the morning. We decide that before we would go out there, we would have a little fun on the dirt roads. This was the first mistake we made because we were stupid teenagers out on a dirt road driving fast. All of a sudden before you know it, a loud noise is heard and I had crashed into the back of my friend’s truck. Both of us got out along with the rest of the people in our trucks to survey the damage seeing that both of our trucks were pretty much wrecked almost ot he point where they wouldn‘t be able to drive. We determined that we would have to call the cops and our parents. As soon as I got out of the truck, I knew I was done for and thought to myself about the punishment that I would receive. I did not even say a word to anyone; I just sat on the tool box of my truck just thinking about the situation and what would be the result. The first words out of my dad’s mouth really told me that I was screwed. Once I got home and was yelled at for a good hour, I can remember saying to my mom, “I really don’t care anymore, life sucks, I just don’t even care.”

I have since changed this point of view and mindset to a much better view on life. I have determined never to give up on life and live life to the fullest. If something bad happens to me; I deal with it or try to make it better. I was able to eventually do this with the help of my mom who was there for me and my dad who angered me, but was still there with parts for my truck. With this compassion I received I figure out that life is not all that bad, and you have to be able to pick yourself up from situations like this whether or not you have help or you do it by yourself. These two events and others have led me to never give up and always keep fighting.