This I Believe

Krista - Columbia Falls, Montana
Entered on December 3, 2006
Age Group: Under 18

Everything Happens for A Reason

Do things happen just by chance or fate? Is there a reason behind why we live in a certain town? Know the particular people we do? Is there a reason we are the way we are? Fall in love with the person we do? Meet the people we do? Are the longings of our hearts just coincidental or critical messages that should be consulted? I believe that everything happens for a reason.

Just like everyone else, I’ve had both good and bad things happen to me. I now know that I was and still am in the palm of God’s hands, and he can make good out of every circumstance in my life. My parents divorced when I was in elementary school and remarried at different times throughout my years of Middle School. At times I felt as if my world had crumbled. Alone and empty and I felt as if it were my entire fault. This shouldn’t have happened. I feel that God has used my past for his glory. I feel that what was meant to destroy me only made me stronger. I’ve had to mature in order to deal with the immaturity not only with my own parents but also my stepparents. I can look back on this large time period in my life and see how I overcame this battle, not only with the help of God but particularly a certain friend.

Many philosophers say that true friends are the ones you can act completely yourself around. In by yourself they mean how you would act as if you were alone. If we were to go by that definition, they say, most of us would not have any friends. In eighth grade I remember meeting this pretty, brown hair, blue-eyed girl in Mrs. Holt’s class. It began with us sharing our fabrics with each other to make some unique mittens. We instantly clicked. For some reason she had come into my life when I had needed somebody most. I would have never known we would become inseparable and beyond any definition of best friends. Besides sharing every memory of high school with her, she’s taught me so much. I remember the many times I would often ask her the same question. What am I supposed to do? She would always tell me the same thing, to follow my heart. If I wouldn’t have met her, I don’t know where I’d be today. Probably beaten down and tired of trying to battle the world.

People say that through meeting one person you can change the world. Not only have I developed a friendship that is priceless; but have learned more about who I am, become more open to others, met new people and have been loved by an amazing family. Now I know for sure this all happened for a reason. Many reasons that have shown themselves already and plenty to be discovered in the future.