This I Believe

Jared - USA
Entered on December 3, 2006
Age Group: 18 - 30

Jared Epstein

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Jingle Bells

Don’t you just love holiday spirit, I sure do, and the reason why is because I believe in Santa Claus. I’ll tell you why. Every year on Christmas I wake up at around eight in the morning to my little sisters knees crushing my ribs as she excitedly wakes me up to go down stairs. To my surprise every year Santa has come through our chimney, eaten part of our cookies we left out and let his reindeer nibble the carrots we set out for them. After we rejoice about the carrots and I question my mom why I saw her stealing a bite of Santa’s cookie before I went to sleep, we open presents. Eyes light up as my little sister is the happiest thing in the world for that second of receiving her new present which is surely to be forgotten in a month max. It’s during that rush, that initial flurry of fingers, hands, arms, and the confetti of paper that engulfs my sister that I realize Santa does exist.

I believe in giving. If someone got asked the question, “Which fictional character would you be?” Most people would say things like Superman, Wonder Woman, Spider Man, the big marshmallow guy from Ghost Busters, but not me, I would be St. Nick. It’s not just giving when you’re expected to though; it’s about giving for no reason. Whether it be your friends favorite coffee from Star Bucks when she’s had a rough day, or sending someone you miss who lives 500 miles away a card with an inside joke, it’s the little things that make a persons eyes glitter and feel special. In this belief Santa is the man, his whole life is devoted to giving, in fact that’s practically all he does. One thing he lacks though is the drive for advancement. Sure, he has one crazy night a year, but you think by now he would have expanded his operation a little, at least nights and weekends? What he is trapped behind is his belief that one night of giving people trivial and tangible gifts is enough. It’s not.

The cliché “You must give yourself up before you become whole.” Is true, I believe if you want to become the best parent you can be, you must give yourself to your children, the best athlete you can be, you must give yourself to the sport, the best doctor you can be, you must give yourself to your patients. I am most happy when the people around me and the ones I care about are happy, and to make them happy, you have to give something.

So do I really believe in Santa? As long as my sisters eyes light up and the idea of Santa and power of giving remains true, I live for the sound of hooves and jingle of bells.