This I Believe

Case - Tucson, Arizona
Entered on December 3, 2006
Age Group: Under 18

American involvement in the Middle East has changed many Americans lives. My life gained a new perspective on education because of this involvement and the soldiers participating in the war. Education is not just increasing knowledge, it is improving society. More people that are educated offer more riches to society. Education leads to a better quality of living.

One day that I will always remember was when my best friend I grew up with signed up for the United States Marine Corp. My friend did not do well in high school and he was running out of options. He was homeless, making only minimum wage and his only option left was the military. The United States military offers a refuge to many young men and women including my friend. This refuge can be quite deceiving. Three months of basic training changed his mind and perspective on education. When he finally returned for ten days leave, he immediately inquired about my education. Also he regretted that he did poorly during school and wished he could repeat it to do better. He constantly was reinforcing the importance of education and that I continue to succeed and further my education by going to college.

Education can be a gateway to new opportunities but the door swings both ways. Lack of education can lead to many hardships. Education allows people to pull themselves from poverty, enrich their lives, and gain opportunities. Many people do not realize the importance of education even at the elementary levels. Uneducated societies usually lack the necessities that people need. Hospitals, schools, and governments all need educated people in order for them to function properly. This lack of education makes millions of people all over the world suffer.

Next year I will be attending college furthering my education while my friend is being sent overseas in April. My education has kept me from the horrors of war but my friend’s lack of education has lead him to war. The importance of education should be emphasized among all people starting at an early age.