This I Believe

Patricia - Kapaau, Hawaii
Entered on December 3, 2006
Age Group: 50 - 65
Themes: community

I believe in bonding. I seem to have a natural urge share experiences with my friends, family, and most everyone I come into contact with. It is important to me to share seemingly trivial daily happenings with the people I know. With that process I create a connection that enhances my relationships.

I am one of a fortunate group living on the big island of Hawaii. One of my coworkers has her coffee every morning down at a wterfront cafe’. She is joined many times by the night heron, one of our water birds, who fishes in the shallows early and late in the day. While swimming my usual laps in the pool one evening after work, I stopped to pick a large leaf out of the water and there was a night heron flying right over me. I got a kick out of the fact that this bothersome leaf caused me to have a wildlife sighting and couldn’t waith to tell my friend. She shared my smile.

The humpback whales travel here to mate anad frolic during the winter. Upon seeing my first whale of the season, I immediately called my good friend in California, who is enamored of them. The delight in her voice just made my day.

On Monday mornings at work, a couple of us that snorkel every weekend, tell each other what fish and or other critters we have seen. One of my frineds loves the saddle wrasses. When I told her I had seen the smallest baby saddle wrasse of all time, she was just beaming. It started our day off just right. She told me about seeing the magnificent snake eel, who has never shown himself to me, and I got quite a vicarious thrill out of that.

Nature is not always my subject, though, my favorite. I recently read a book about overeating that had major impact on me. I was telling my slim sister about it when I realized the simple plan of eating only when hungry and only until full is exactly the way she eats. I had to laugh at myself, since it was right in front of me for my whole life. But she didn’t laugh, she was just so happy for me, that I had come to a resolution of that conflict at last.

To me, this act of sharing thoughts and feelings about anything add up to a close bonding process that makes me feel connected to my fellow humans, and even more so if difficult life events are the subject.

I find it much harder to be angry or judgmental with a person I’m close to. For me, the sharing of stories promotes an understanding of one another that removes the separations between us humans, no matter where we come from or where we are going.

I credit my wonderful parents for teaching me by example and our bond still grows stronger.

I have observed changes for the better in my personal relationships that I believe are directly due to this process, resulting in a general happiness that is contagious.