This I Believe

H - Va Beach, Virginia
Entered on December 2, 2006
Age Group: 30 - 50

“This I Believe”

I believe that dreams really do come true, not in the sense that if you dream of having a big house and fancy cars you will eventually get them, but that dreams are our unconscious voice speaking to us in the form of symbols during sleep. If you take all the symbols and put them together they form a connection between what is actually going on in day-to-day life. The dreams are telling us to go, yield, slow down, stop, beware, be careful or don’t move too fast. All the clues to what will, has or may happen are right there before us, if we just take the time to recognize and understand the symbols.

Dreams of falling represent the need to let go of something.

Water depicts emotions and moods.

Hills represent the climb to higher attainment.

About three years ago I kept having all kinds of weird dreams that just didn’t add up so I pulled out my book of dreams. One of the dreams had bright colorful flowers everywhere– many flowers growing represent feelings of well being and relaxation. A few months later I was dreaming about cars and water, cars are motivating drives, ambitions and point to a transformation into something new and water deals with emotions and the flow of feeling energy. About six months later I got a promotion. The symbols were all there, cars-ambitions, water-emotions, flowers-well-being.

When I was pregnant with my youngest son, my sister-in-law had recently moved to the area, to stay with us for awhile. Each morning she would get up and start telling me about her dream from the night before. I recall that in one of those dreams we were all riding in a car, the kids were in the back and we had an accident in which the car went tumbling over a hill. Christine thought that the dreams were about me; instead it was about her and the things going on in her life. The car represented her transformation into something new. She had just moved from Boston to Virginia Beach. The crash symbolized her recent break-up from a ten-year relationship. The passengers represented people to whom she was close to and cared about.

Have you ever dreamed in color? Red is hot, aggressive and vibrant life; white is purity and goodness; green is growth and a fresh start; blue symbolizes, purity, fidelity and clarity of thought. What about numbers? One symbolizes a beginning; five symbolizes marriage or unity because it unites all the numbers that came before it -1+4 and 2+3; seven, symbolizes the cycles of life-7, 14,21, twelve, represents a full cycle or wholeness-12 months of the year, the 12 disciples. Let’s not forget fruits, apple represents temptations, pleasure, grapes symbolize fruitfulness and fertility and pineapple symbolizes fruitfulness of the soul, royalty and self-confidence.

The next time you have a deja vu moment, stop and think about it for a second, reality or dream?