This I Believe

Mary Anne - McMurray, Pennsylvania
Entered on December 2, 2006
Age Group: 50 - 65
Themes: love

This I believe

I believe there is a wellspring of love that is available to us all. I believe it is the source of all love, hope, joy and goodness. I believe it comes from a divine energy that resides in all of us. It can fill our hearts with contentment, caring, joy and peace. It is within us, but we do not always know it is there.

I remember going for car rides with my Dad when I was about six or seven. He would ask me about my thoughts and opinions, as if to tell me that what was inside me was worthwhile and good. He would accept and treasure my comments, showing me his unconditional love.

I remember going to church and learning about God, but I remember feeling the divine energy that was the God in me when I was out in nature, feeling the sun warming my face and the wind blowing my hair. I first glimpsed the wellspring when I was about nine years old. I was sitting on a hillside above our house, and the realization that I was a unique person who had goodness inside came over me like a warm and nourishing light.

I have learned over the years that I can catch glimpses of the wellspring through other channels as well, for instance, when I ride my bicycle, pet my beloved dog Max, dig in the garden or play with a small child. My guess is that the wellspring can be accessed also through art, music, poetry, friends, religion; in any number of ways, as different as individuals.

When I feel the wellspring of love, I feel an intense love that makes me feel satisfied with the circumstances of my life. It allows me to shed my ego and want to reach out to others in sharing gestures and good works. I want to seek the goodness and worthiness in others.

I believe some people are denied access to the wellspring by the conditions of their lives. They have either never been given unconditional love or have been so disappointed in life that is has been obscured. I believe these people are angry, insecure, competitive, petty, and materialistic. All they are really looking for is love, but they are trying to access it through the wrong channels.

I believe some people have caught glimpses of the wellspring through a narrow channel and think it is the only way to reach the divine. I believe this is a cause for much divisiveness in the world, when people believe their way is the only way, their god is the only god.

My ability to access the wellspring is sometimes blocked by my fears, jealousy, guilt and envy. I know I have to work to overcome these in order to feel the contentment that connecting to the wellspring brings. I like myself better when I visit the wellspring, but I don’t go there as often as I would like.

Aw, but I want to reside in the wellspring. I want to wake each day to feel the warm and caring love spewing out and changing the world!

Or perhaps I’ll be content to understand that part of the human condition is to be discontent, to be satisfied to go to the wellspring when I can and do what I can in this world that is within my reach.