This I Believe

Sidney - El Paso, Texas
Entered on December 2, 2006
Age Group: 18 - 30

I believe in never giving up. A couple of words that are not in my vocabulary are giving up. Throughout my life I have gone through many trials and tribulations. No matter how bad they were my mother was always there to say, “Never give up the battle because at the end you will win the war”. As I grew up, and the older I got the more I understood what she meant.

I encountered many challenges as became an adolescence. This was the time where I was supposed to encounter the facts of life such as puberty, but on top of that I had to deal with family and school dilemmas also. There were times where I felt like giving up. During these times my mother’s words constantly ran through my head, “Never give up the battle because at the end you will win the war”.

Since I was a little kid I always dreamed to coach my favorite basketball team which is the San Antonio Spurs. When I turned 12 years old my dream got closer to coming true. My mom’s boss asked me if I would like to volunteer with their Special Olympics basketball team. I obviously accepted their offer. For the first couple of weeks I was just helping the coach bring the supplies out like the basketballs and water. As time went on I noticed that’s all I was doing. I wanted to do something important and challenging. Little did I know I was helping out the team. Now that I am older I am a lot closer to living out my dream because I never gave up and now I am the coach not only for the basketball team but also for their bowling team.

I know that if something is worth starting it is without doubt worth finishing. At work if my boss asks me to start a project I try my hardiest to finish it. Working at the same place as my mother gives me an inspiration to do my best at whatever I do. If I feel that I haven’t done my best or don’t know how to finish something my mother is always there to say “Never give up the battle because at the end you will win the war”.

I strongly believe that my faith is a big part of my belief of not giving up. One thing that has made me strong is my powerful belief in God. Whenever I feel weak and feel like giving up I know I could always turn to my religion for answers. God always has been there for me especially when I have needed him the most.

Throughout my life, up until now I have gone through many circumstances that have made me want to quit or give up. Some are tougher than others. I believe I have done good getting through those harsh times, and I know that I am going to face much more. However, now I know to never give up the battle because at the end I will win the war. Thank you, Mother, for everything you have taught me!