This I Believe

Alex - Reynoldsburg, Ohio
Entered on December 1, 2006
Age Group: 18 - 30

Anything Worth Having is Worth Working For

As a ten-year-old boy, one of the things that I thought I just had to have was athletic cards: baseball, football, and hockey, it didn’t matter. I had to have them. My parents, being how they were, did not fund this unquenchable habit that I had formed, so I had to find other means to get what I wanted.

I am a twin, and unfortunately we shared the same desire of acquiring as many cards as we could, so we had to think of something. We came up with the great idea of mowing grass to earn some money to support our habit. So at the age of ten, we started our very own lawn care business. We made up flyers and passed them out around a local trailer park in hopes to gain business. My grandma allowed us to cut her grass and that eventually led into us to mow the grass of her neighbors as well. Our neighbors across the street from where we lived let us cut there grass as well. The total amount of jobs that we got that year was about fifteen. We would mow these jobs once a week for the whole summer. The jobs paid about ten dollars each, so ten times fifteen equals 150, divide that by two and that comes to seventy-five dollars a piece each week. Going from earning nothing as a ten year old boy to getting about seventy-five dollars a week was insane for me. Let’s just say that I was swimming in athletic cards.

I believe nowadays people have lost sight of this ideal of working for what they get. Too many people want hand outs and things given to them while they sit there and do nothing to earn it. Too many examples of this can be seen while driving through a rural neighborhood. People who are more than capable of holding jobs opt to live off of government programs while doing little or nothing to better themselves or the world around them. At the same time, these people have high class satellites attached to their homes, a luxury that many hard working people can not afford. I believe that our tax dollars should not support such laziness. Granted, there are people that need the governments help to survive, but those people should not be spending that money they get on wants instead of needs.

Now, every time I see a little kid mowing grass, it gives me hope. Maybe this little kid is just mowing because his parents told him too, but there is also a chance that this kid desperately wants to have a huge collection of his favorite athletic cards and is willing to do whatever it takes to get them. I like to believe the latter. Only with a mentality like that will we have any hope for our future. A future where everyone does honest work to get what is desired without looking for an easy way out. If a ten-year-old can grasp this concept, I believe there is hope for us all.