This I Believe

Daren - Whitefish, Montana
Entered on December 1, 2006
Age Group: Under 18

An old lady sits quietly, sipping the soup-of-the-day at a local restaurant. Unbeknownst to many, she is a widow of twelve years, to which she was married for fifty. To notice the pain of loneliness in people is a challenge not many can achieve. The manners in which I was brought up with have amplified my love for the human race. Not all people are loveable, although they still can love others.

This young lady of 70, who I will call Grace, was minding her own business two tables down from ours. My passion for making people happy kicked in, and I made aware my intentions. I proceeded to ask her if I could sit with her. Although this thing does not happen often in our society today, she kindly obliged to me accompanying her for her luncheon. I introduced myself to Grace, and she did the same. Through three baskets of bread, and two coffees’ later, I had learned a lifetime of experience from Grace. I will never forget her silver metallic hair, or her boisterous laugh, and I hope that she never forgets me.

I believe that humans were not put on this earth to create warfare with each other, but to embrace, love, and cherish each other like they are meant to do. Even in the toughest of dictators, lies a kind, gentle soul.

My willingness to help people has led me down the right path, throughout my early life. Straying away from harmful substances, I have been able to focus on my goals, and achieve them to the highest decree. Researching colleges instead of partying, studying flight books rather then running amuck, I based my life on attainable choices.

I believe that if the world were more inclined to help other people, we would be in a much better place. Sons and daughters brought up in loving households would learn to respect their parents, not defy and condescend to them. Gang members, bullies, and hate mongers would help rebuild their cities, not further to destroy them. Although knowing the history of the human race, this is an impossible dream. I believe though, through each individual, can breed the manners and strengths into our future children, ending violence once and for all.