This I Believe

Brittany - Papillion, Nebraska
Entered on November 30, 2006
Age Group: Under 18

Simple Things Matter Most

I believe in the simple things; heart-warming, touching, feel good things that spark a flame inside me. These things seem little or meaningless, but really mean the world to me. Small gestures, words, or anything keeps me going. They are what can make or break a day. A smile, compliment, or slightest acknowledgement lets me know I am not invisible. I see hope and a better day in a bright, warm smile; it cheers me up and lifts my spirits. A phone call, text, or letter really lets me know someone out there actually cares. These effortless gestures are what I believe in.

Walking through the vastly crowded halls I feel invisible, all alone, as if I do not even exist. I wonder if anyone even notices me. Do they see me or do they just look right through me? There is someone, a stranger, smiling a bright, glowing, and friendly grin towards me with an indescribable sincerity. This tiny, uncomplicated, unspoken indication makes everything seem okay. The world seems pleasant and I see it in a new, hopeful light. When a complete stranger takes a second to acknowledge or, even better, talk to me, my problems, doubts, and everything just appears in a new light. Life seems to be okay for that moment.

Recently I received a text from a friend who changed me for the better and made a difference in my life. However, I have always felt as if I mean nothing to her; she probably doesn’t even see me as a real friend, the kind you keep forever, the people that are your life support. But, this short effortless text: “Hey. How are you?” choked me up. She most likely was bored or something when she sent it, but in that moment I felt like someone out there remembered and cared about me. That simple message carried an underlying, substantially significant message that means more than anything to me.

A single moment is all it took for her to write and send this text, but a moment is all it takes for my day to be changed for the better. Those few seconds someone took to see me can be so impacting and meaningful. I believe these gestures can make a difference. A compliment, no matter how profound or simple it is, changes my outlook on life and affects me. Words and actions leave a mark; whether good or bad, it sticks and stays put. Life changing things are not always words; actions or gestures can make an impact and change a life. I believe anyone can make a difference in someone’s life, but he or she must choose to use a second of his or her day to say “Hi” or smile at a lonely, needing stranger.