This I Believe

Diana - Bellevue, Nebraska
Entered on November 30, 2006
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: creativity

The world appears mundane on the surface, but underneath it is an eternity of adventuresome worlds meshed together, of which some are build from my imagination. I am a beginner written and cherish the time I am given to write. Fiction stories are my passion. With each world I develop with the tip of my pencil, I give it life inside that hidden place where all invented worlds collide. Although I have achieved a great amount of skill to begin working on my own fantasy novel, there is still much room to improve on.

My worlds are full of magic; they become even more beautiful with every word that travels on my paper. Description of the heavenly sky, the pure water, the emerald colored trees all define the fantastic world imbibed by my spacious sheet. Yes, I have great description enough to make that world seem touchable. I usually start with a friendly king who always wants to please his people. From this king I breathe life into a branch of main characters from which twigs of minor ones appear. Even though they travel with me every where I go, everybody else ignores them. I converse with them about our complicated yet simple lives, the deep passions that connects them and me, and even of our inner and outer problems.

Their words from which they speak and the actions from which they make form a puddle of crystalline water in which I dive my pencil in. Afterwards I splash onto my paper a few drops here and there. The plot begins to form. It needs to dry under my burning lamp and after it does so I let myself dive into the puddle of water. The adventure begins and I grab hold of my towel for support, of which is the dry paper smothered in dried drops of heaven. I am in a completely new world of wonderful fantasy and mischievous errands.