This I Believe

Ryan - Lavista, Nebraska
Entered on November 30, 2006
Age Group: Under 18

The Right Pace

Procrastination is the answer to all my problems. It lets me stay out late the night

before a huge English essay is due so that I can get it done an hour and a half before it is

due in the school library. Never. In fact, almost all the homework that I’ve ever finished

has been done little more than an hour before it is due.

Not to say that it’s the wisest course of actions, but neither I nor any reasonable

teenager likes to do homework at their actual house. That’s just ridiculous. Doing

homework? At a house? How stupid is that? Take this paper as an example. I neither

typed it at home nor even planned for it at home. Why would I do such a pointless thing

when there are computers to type with, and class time to plan at school? Practice makes

perfect, and I certainly have had a lot of experience with procrastination; I am proud to

say that I have a black belt in procrastination.

Among the many wonderful things that procrastination does for me is it allows

me to hang out with my friends, work a full time job, and get all of my schoolwork done,

all without one interfering with another. Another is that it allows me to do all my

homework in a busy fashion. I frequently perform better if I am both under stress and

really busy. When I am busy and stressed, I ]get a flow going that allows me to get things

done quickly and efficiently without having to think too much. For example; studying for

a French test the hour before I take it is enough to make my grade skyrocket.

Procrastination is my life and I wouldn’t have it any other way. It sets a certain

pace for anyone involved, and just the thought of everyone and everything moving at an

organized pace would drive me right off the wall. Procrastination is not only the concept

of putting things off until the last moment, it is a way of life, and it is the one that keeps

everything moving at a disorganized pace, and the world doesn’t recognize how

important this is until they are old and they wish that they could relive their life in a way

that keeps you on your toes and on the edge of our seat.