This I Believe

Carlsie - Salina, Kansas
Entered on November 30, 2006
Age Group: 18 - 30

I believe in good service. When I select a service – a place to shop for clothes, a place to eat, a place to have my car worked on – I am not only seeking the best product, but I am also seeking good service. It is no concern of mine what the fry-side cook did to my waitress, how my cashier’s boyfriend never called her back, or how the manager has to unload the truck himself because someone didn’t show up for work. I realize more than anyone that jobs of service are underpaid and seriously unappreciated; jobs like mechanics, retailers, restaurant workers, service station clerks, grocers and cashiers.

Some persons in these positions insist that if they were paid more accordingly, they could work with a smile and perhaps even a better attitude. But good service is not for money. Good service is something you should come to work with everyday because it is about your character. It says that even though you are underpaid and underappreciated, you’re still going to make the best of it. I realize that helping people who do not sympathize or understand what you’re going through is frustrating and exhausting. But you owe it to yourself – not your employer – to be as good as you can possibly be at what you do. Good service says you care, good service says you are willing and most of all, good service sets you apart from everyone else.

I may not like your store, but if you are helpful and sincere, I will shop there for you. I may hate your restaurant, but I will eat there because I want you to wait on me. I may think that your estimate was a little high for new brakes, but I will have you put them on my car because I trust you. When consumers like me make these decisions, it is because you made a difference somewhere and you got my attention. When you have my attention that is when I will truly appreciate the work you do for me. Thus, good service will develop your character and challenge you as an individual. Good service then does not go unnoticed.