This I Believe

Alfrida - Dallas, Texas
Entered on November 29, 2006
Age Group: 30 - 50

I Believe in Matrimony

A few weeks ago, I went to New York to attend my cousin Alice’s wedding and had a good time to mingle with my family. My family and I are Catholics; we believe in the Bible and matrimony is one of the holy sacraments that we try to accomplish in our religion. Although, I am not married yet I hope to have a relationship that ends in marriage like my cousin. Why do I believe in marriage? Because I believe in love, in a lasting contract, and take care about my loving one.

Alice’s weeding was a beautiful Catholic ceremony. During the celebration my cousin and her husband looked connected and in love to each other. For example, when Alice started to say something her husband sometimes finished the sentences for her. I heard that a man who has a good woman is indeed a lucky man; I think Alice’s husband is because she is an excellent woman. However, they know marriage is a commitment and they have to work in order to succeed in their new life. I believe marriage is a dedicated relationship which offers great opportunities for fulfilling that purpose.

I believe that marriage is a lasting contract between one man and one woman. My cousin is a graphics designer and her husband is an accounting. They both have good jobs and before the got married, they were saving some money to afford the new challenge that they will face together. They also bought an apartment and they have planned to have babies when their marriage is more mature. I would like to follow their example when I get married.

My aunt, who has being married for 20 years gave some advice to my cousin “you must walk together”. She said this is one of the ways to build a closer relationship between them. Walking is good exercise for both and giving time alone with each other. If they take their kids with them, they can spend time as a family. Walking together provides time to talk to one another without the distractions of the telephone, television, computer, etc. to complement the partnership that most of the time the human being is looking for.

Alice got married because she believes in starting a new life with her husband and having babies to create a new family based on love and respect. I believe that they will be successful in their new journey if they support, communicate and care for each other. This weeding reminded me that even though the divorce rate increases every year, people still believe in marriage, and so do I.