This I Believe

Steven - Grain Valley, Missouri
Entered on November 29, 2006
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: love

“I believe that to find true love you can’t judge by how they look you’ve got to judge by: their interests, their personalities, and the way they act towards others or else you could make a big mistake.”

By: Steven Ray Walls

To find true love it’s not as easy as you think there are a few guidelines you’ve got to follow:

Rule 1: Compare your personalities otherwise you might get someone who is the incorrect person for your life. Say you’re a very nice person who is hardly ever mean and you like someone who is completely opposite of that have fun with that relationship. In a way I have kind of had this as a personal experience.

Rule 2: Compare your interests otherwise you’re in for a life of conflict. Say you like most animals but you like someone who hates animals in this relationship you’re going to be very, very miserable. I think you should take my advice here because I have observed this a lot.

Rule 3: Compare the ways you act towards others otherwise you’ll have a miserable life. Say you help everyone you can but you like a bully in this relationship there is going to be a lot of fighting! I’ve observed this a couple times so do the correct thing and follow the rules.

Now that you have the guidelines go and see if you can find the right person for your life BUT MAKE SURE YOU USE THE GUIDELINES!!! Just in case you didn’t understand basically I’m saying follow these rules and you’ll be as happy as can be.This I believe