This I Believe

Kayleigh - Kalispell, Montana
Entered on November 28, 2006
Age Group: Under 18


God sends us miracles to show us something. Though, He gives us the challenge of finding what that something is. I believe miracles all happen for a reason. Whether it just happens because you need a life boost or whether it happens because you need an eye opener. I do not believe that miracles just happen. They are given to us for a reason.

How can someone live through a fatal car crash? Only through God and His work. I was on my way to school one day, I was late so I was rushing. As my car went around a corner I felt my tires as they rolled across the gravel marking the edge of the road. I tried to correct myself but I over corrected. I felt my tires lose control as my hands gripped the steering wheel. The next thing I know I am hanging upside down by my seatbelt. The only thing I can see is the smashed front windshield on the pavement. My mind is racing, I automatically grab my cell phone as if I am trained to do that. Some how I think that it would be best if I got out of the car first before calling anyone. I crawl out the shattered passenger window.

The paramedics come and take me to the hospital just to be safe. As I lay there the highway patrolman comes in. He tells me that my car had gone into the ditch, come back out, rolled twice, and landed upside down. I could not believe it, through all this I had come out of the accident with only a few bruises and a cut. At that moment I knew that it was not just luck and a seatbelt that saved my life that day. It was a miracle from God.

The miracle that God sent to me that day taught me so much. It taught me that life is a gift and you never know when it will end. I learned to never take life for granted because life is short and you never know when it will be your time to go. The miracle of my life being saved that morning taught me too never rush because it always better to be late than to not get there at all. The most important lesson I learned from my accident was to always follow God because with Him all things are possible.

Miracles come in all shapes and sizes, colors and shades. “We must be ever thankful for small miracles, and ever hopeful for receiving greater ones.” (Elmer A. Shultz). It does not have to be some big extravagant event to make it a miracle. All it was to be a life changing experience that means something to you to make it a miracle.

Life is given to us as a miracle. I believe that it is the biggest miracle we will ever experience. “Miracles, in the sense of phenomena we cannot explain, surround us on every hand: life itself is the miracle of miracles.” (George Bernard Shaw). For we have to live each day as if it is its own miracle. We must search for life’s purpose and our purpose for being here. God gave us the miracle of life and I believe that He wants us to find the miracle in life through Him and through His ways. “Each of my days are miracles. I won’t waste my day; I won’t throw away a miracle.” (Kelley Vicstrom).

God sends us miracles not just because but for a reason. We do not just experience them because we got lucky, but because we are chosen. Miracles are found every day. One must just open their eyes and mind to them. Do not take miracles in as only a gift but also has a learning experience. Use the miracles that you are given to better your life.