This I Believe

Jennifer - Whitefish, Montana
Entered on November 28, 2006
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: work

Being the competitive person I always have been, I always strive to set goals for myself. Every time I reach a goal, I set another, higher goal to achieve. I am always working toward a new goal, always setting new goals, always working hard. I believe that perseverance can get you anywhere.

For twelve years, soccer has been a major part of my life. It has challenged me to be competitive and do my best in everything I do. As a young, aspiring soccer player, I set a goal for myself; I wanted to play high school soccer. When I tried out for Brighton High School Girl’s Soccer Team in Utah and didn’t make it, I was devastated. I joined a local competitive team comprised of girls who were in similar situations, determined to get back on track and make my goal a reality. Persevering and treating every practice like a game, I developed a desperate hunger for victory. I never got the chance to try out for Brighton High School Soccer because our family decided to move to Whitefish, Montana the summer before my sophomore year.

As soon as we arrived in Montana, I immediately began training so that I could tryout for the high school soccer team in Whitefish. I joined the girl’s team every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday for morning training and was pleased with the supportive and vigorous attitude of the other girls who would also be trying out. They were all fixed on competitiveness and that only compelled me to work harder so that I could stand out in tryouts. I knew I was ready, and when tryouts rolled around, my hard work had paid off. Not only did I make the team, I was a starting varsity player. I can’t stress enough how important my goals are to me, and when I achieved one that I had been working towards for so long, I felt so proud of myself and my perseverance. My next goal was something that I wanted for my team, my coaches, and myself. I wanted to win the state title.

My sophomore year, we made it to playoffs and played very well. Third place wasn’t good enough. My junior year, I learned that perseverance came on and off the field. In the first playoff game, I was injured and would not be able to play in the final two playoff games. I wandered the sidelines, cheering my team on, wanting so badly to obtain that state title. State game rolled around and unfortunately, we ended up taking second place. My senior year came with much anticipation and a greater desire among my teammates and myself to win. After three years of being behind the rest of the state, my team finally rose above and was named 2006 State A Soccer Champions. It was one of the happiest days of my life, and I had achieved yet another goal.

If I had never pushed myself to get better at soccer, I would have never fulfilled my goal to play high school soccer. I wouldn’t have learned how rewarding it can be to achieve something you’ve always wanted. I wanted to play high school soccer, and I made it happen. I want to win state, and I helped my team make it happen. I believe that perseverance can get you anywhere.