This I Believe

Barbara - Saratoga Springs, New York
Entered on November 28, 2006
Age Group: 50 - 65

Generations of intense Italian faith built my belief in God, which leaves me in the middle of five generations of believers from my grandparents through to my grandchildren.

Like all lives, our lives have challenged us. Unlike many lives, our challenges have failed to beat us, because God walked those challenges with us, sometimes by ourselves and other times together.

While I could relate dozens of examples, one example comes from the Holy Spirit from me to you.

I had had a five-foot fall in 1983 and suffered debilitation throughout my body. Tooth pain plague me for months and months. Back and back and forth to the dentist with him telling me that he did not know which tooth was causing the pain. Finally, I called my old dentist in New Jersey crying in pain. He looked up a classmate in my area who told me I had not one, but 12 infected roots all going at one time that needed root canal surgery. I left the dentist with a fever and a prescription.

I felt so bad that I went straight home and discovered my fever was 105 degrees.

At the time, I had recently moved to New York with no relatives in the state or time to make close friends. I called my boyfriend and asked him to fill my prescription for me, since I was too sick to do it myself. He said he was sorry he could not help, because he and his father were commemorating the first anniversary of his mother’s death.

I did the only thing I knew to do. I filled a bathtub up with cool water and submerged myself in an attempt to bring down my fever.

After the bath, I took my temperature and it was up to 106 degrees! Out of options, I had a conversation with myself. My faith and several brushes with death left me without any fear of dying. I asked myself if I needed to live for any reason. My children were grown and living on their own. No one needed me really.

I decided I needed me–that I had things I wanted to accomplish, that I wasn’t finished with life yet.

So, I then had my conversation with God. “Okay, God, it’s up to you now. I would like to live longer to write books and articles so Your children are happier in life. Still, if You want to take me now, I am ready if that be Your will.”

As soon as my words stopped, I began to sweat. My fever broke with only God’s medicine.

In 2000, my book, “Grow Yourself a Life You’ll Love,” was published by Thomas More.

9/11, I took back my art and am creating a new art style I call “Abstract Synchronism.”

Every Sunday, I attend Church to receive Jesus and hear His holy words that always teach me and inspire me to follow His example. I teach His Word to children and lector.

Always, I believe!