This I Believe

William - Marietta, Georgia
Entered on November 27, 2006
Age Group: 30 - 50
Themes: creativity, love

I believe…

In the beginning

everything was cold, dark, and empty.


a blink, a thought, a speck of possibility,

a tiny spec in an infinite ocean of emptiness.

I believe I was there.

I believe everything was there.

Intimate in a vast proximity,

closer than the parts that make us whole.

You, me, everyone and everything as One.

All that exists, in a speck of “what if”

adrift in an ocean of emptiness.

Then there was a Light!

A glorious light, brighter than all lights since.

A huge explosion like some wonderful thought,

popping into the head of its creator.

Some wonderful thought breaking apart all intimacy.

Flinging existence to the farthest corners of nothing,

only to forge it into something.

All that I was, destroyed,

replaced by a sea of possibilities,

floating in an ocean of emptiness.

In another beginning,

there was fire!

Radiating from the furnace of my cradle.

Bending me to its desires.

Flinging me to the edge.

Then crushing me on the anvils in its heart.

In believe I am transformed again.

A simple aboriginal dancing around a circle of fire.

floating in a sea of possibilities,

lost in an ocean of emptiness.

Fire, and light, of stardust I am made.

I am born from bits of stars and seas and oceans.

Light, fire twisting into sinuous life-giving acids,

like Escheresque ladders or a twisted abacus,

folding and counting the digits of my life.

I believe I am born again, and again, and again.

My life’s design stretched toward another twist.

My life’s desire etched in the flesh of one so bright,

his smile burns my heart with love and possibilities.

I love again and see that we shall meet again.

And again.

I believe life is a dance.

like swirling moats of ash,

floating above a fire,

spiraling toward a sea of possibilities,

floating in an ocean of emptiness