This I Believe

Ed - Alexandria,, Virginia
Entered on November 27, 2006
Age Group: 65+

I am a Pagan and this I believe:

I believe in mother earth and father sky, and

I believe in grandfather sun and grandmother moon.

They have given us everything that we have in this life and everything that we will need for the next.

I believe that there is no place on the mother earth that is made safer by planting mines and there is no place under father sky where dropping bombs will bring happiness and prosperity.

We have spent a trillion US dollars on this war with no end in sight; let us spend the next trillion dollars cleaning up the earth we walk on and the air that we breath.

We can start by hunting down and destroying all unexploded cluster bombs that we have left littering Afghanistan and Iraq, and, if it is possible, we can try to clean up the expended uranium bullets that we left in those countries.

The innocent people killed in Afghanistan and Iraq far, far outnumber the innocent people killed on September 11 and we have more enemies today than we did five years ago.

We must ask for peace and offer peace. What can our enemies do to us that is worse than what we have willingly done to our selves?

We must ask for forgiveness from the many people who’s lives we have hurt and destroyed, and we must offer forgiveness to those who have hurt us.

Forgiveness is above all else the Jewish thing to do, it is the Christian thing to do, it is the Moslem thing to do and it is Pagan thing to do.

I am a Pagan and this I believe.