This I Believe

camille - 20721, Maryland
Entered on November 27, 2006
Age Group: 18 - 30

This I believe, high schools should have parents permission before handing out condoms to their students. Me personally, I’m a virgin and with condoms floating around more than they already were, the temptation would have caught me. I attended Bowie High School and my school didn’t give out condoms. Sex was not a small in my school and everyone was having it. Rather they used a condom or not everyone was having sex. I believe that if schools give out condoms, that would promote more sex and sex is already promoted enough in the home and in the media. School is a place were students look up to there elders and with condoms given out by these same people that these students look up to than these students will believe that sex is appropriate at such a young age.

Sex is suppose to be for a married couple to express their love from one another. These days NO SUCH THING. Sex these days are for those who think they feel horny. Love doesn’t have anything to do with sex much anymore. Sex seems to be a normal activity for our young population. The consequences of sex doesn’t seem to effect peoples choice to have sex or not anymore if it ever did. Pregnancy, STD’s, pain doesn’t scare the young and horny. I believe that the young think there’s a quick fix to the whole pregnancy thing…abortion. As for STD’s, they don’t realize how easy it is to catch a decease, and as for the pain, they don’t care. Pain is pleasure in there young minds.

As young as high school students are, having sex is already a question in there young minds and with condoms give directly to them it makes there choice just a little bit easier. High school students already have sex and when they do use condoms they know where and how to get them. If parent wanted their child to have a position of a condom I believe that it should be their reasonability to give them the condom and talk about sex. To be honest I don’t believe in condoms but since I have no control that I’ll leave it here.