This I Believe

Amit - Oakland Township, Michigan
Entered on November 27, 2006
Age Group: 18 - 30

I Believe I Have a Purpose

Cerebral palsy, it is one of those words that everyone knows, but not everyone understands. I, however, have an intimate knowledge of cerebral palsy, as I have this particular condition. When I was young, I was questioning why I was disabled, but as I grew more mature, I adopted a philosophy that I may be disabled for a reason, to help others. The way I am going to help others is through my experience as a disabled person.

My belief that I might be disabled for a reason became more credible around the age of thirteen when I started attending a therapy center where I met a physically challenged therapist. The therapist had suffered a spinal cord injury. After intensive therapy, he has reached a point where he now can function with only a cane. His achievement made me realize that, if he could recover and then turn around and help others, so could I. This helped solidify my belief in my purpose, which is to help, others. First I must help myself. I can do that by overcoming some of my physical challenges and by proving to myself, and others that I can do anything I set my mind to accomplish.

Some of the challenges I need to master are. Working on things as basic as being able to use the restroom facilities on my own when needed would greatly help me to improve my chance of reaching my purpose in life. Another skill that would greatly help me achieve my goal of independence is to transfer out of a chair or from the floor to my walker, and then be able to walk short distances alone. I think another goal to become more independent is to be able to dress and undress myself safely. Until that time I will not be able to reach my goal that is to help others. Without these skills just mentioned in this piece, and without the support and inspiration from others, I will not arrive at my greatest goal and my purpose for living.

I also believe that Karma might play a role in my situation. What I mean by Karma is that on a daily basis I receive assistance from strangers, family and friends with little things such as opening the door for me, getting things out of my bag, providing transportation to my classes; all of which make it easier for me. Therefore, if I don’t pass on the goodness and generosity I’ve gained from others, it may come back to haunt me and would go against everything I believe about my purpose in life.

I believe that by better understanding my disability, by meeting someone who experienced and overcame a disability, by working towards overcoming my challenges and practicing the philosophy of “do onto others as you would like done onto you”. Has molded my belief and shaped my destiny.