This I Believe

asa - portland, Maine
Entered on November 27, 2006
Age Group: 18 - 30

i bileive in god. i bleive that there is something to worship in this world but god. if we think and look our body it’s a mirlcle. think about the head, the brain in it, the eyes, the ears, the mouth, the teeth inside the mouth, the nouse, the hair, the whole body one by one, you won’t finish counting it for the rest of your life if you try to do it. think about the beautiful world. the sky, the earth, the sea, the moon, the stars the different continents in the world the differen races, colors and features. think about who created them and who make them happen. think about the life and death. who give you life and who take your life when you die. who make as think who even make us talk and walk. who tought us to eat. think about where are we coming from and where are going when we die. think about who brought us this world and taking us after death. thing about the rain think about the storms and esunamies. think about your childhood think about when you grow up. who is making all of this circulation happen. think about the gras and whatever come from the earth. i bleive in god and i bleive god created the whole world and us.