This I Believe

Kristine - onaway, Michigan
Entered on November 27, 2006
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: love

In today’s world there are many things that people want you to believe in: Religion, Life, Death, Money… Just to name a few. What I choose to believe in is something much bigger than any of those. I believe in something so powerful that it changes thought, it changes how you live your life, and it changes how you view yourself. What is it I believe in, you ask? Well, quite simply, I believe in Love.

I believe in the power love has to change how you view the world and the people we share it with. Without love there would be the end of anything you may now recognize as home. There would be no families as we know them, there would be no marriage, and nothing would be the same.

Believing in something as strong as love is what truly makes life worth living in the first place. With someone, or something, in your life that you love you find a reason to keep trying, to keep going on, even when it is the last thing you truly wish to do. If it wasn’t for love, whether it is a love for the work you do or the love you have for a pet or another human being, there would be no reason to try, no reason to impress, no reason to live. What would we do without love? Absolutely nothing, we would waste away. Without one of the most basic, yet most complicated, of emotions human beings would have died out long ago.

Belief in love and the act of loving something is what gives us ambition, gives us pride, gives us even such feelings such as envy or greed. Love makes the world go round, even if it is the love of ones ambition to destroy that pushes this. Yes, love even leads to worse things then envy or greed. It can lead to great atrocities. People love their religion, they believe in it fully, and even those who have twisted their religions to suit their own ends love what they have created, and therefore are willing to do whatever it takes in order to see their views through to the end. It is the basic love one has for the simpler things that has led to some of the greatest atrocities the world has seen. Nine-Eleven is one such atrocity, the ambition that became of the love that one man had for his twisted version of his religion led to the creation of Al-Quida and, of course, to what happened on that faithful day back in two-thousand and one and everything that has transpired since. Of course, this is only my opinion, and you may feel free to dispute it. I believe that love, though good at the core, can be corrupted like anything else.

In conclusion, I believe in love, I believe in the good and the bad sides of love, because both are apparent in everyday life. I believe love is there in everything we do, no matter what it is. Love is the cause of not only some of the best things in life, but of some of the worst as well. Many may disagree with me but it is what I believe and I shall believe this until my dying day. So, you ask what it is that I believe and I have told you, I believe in love, and I always shall.