This I Believe

Jeremiah - 77083, Texas
Entered on November 26, 2006
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: family

I believe in the power of parents—a mother and a father.

Parents are powerful. They create the smartest, loving, joyful, caring, entertaining, powerful, respectful, strong, giving, hopeful and wonderful people in this world. However, parents can also create low, desperate, hateful, disrespectful, weak, reckless, despicable, worthless and pathetic people. It’s the difference between doing the job right and doing the job wrong.

I do not have knowledge of how bad parenting is because I did not have that example in my life. My father did though. My grandfather fought in WWII for the Americans. He refused to teach his children Japanese or anything to do with Japan due to Pearl Harbor and America’s reaction. He was abusive to his five sons and one daughter. So my dad did not have a shinning example of what a father should be. He had a horror movie experience of a childhood. One would never guess for he is not a product of his parent’s destructive parenting.

My mom had the life of an off the wall black comedy. She got to live as a child with her parents. They had six children; three sons and three daughters. She had examples of good parents and had something to either emulate or alter to what she believed would work better when she had kids.

I could only imagine the immense love my dad felt for the first time when he was welcomed into my mom’s family. He got to see what good parenting was like and how it felt to be loved like a son should. For the first time in his life he had a father worth living up to.

In no way was my childhood like my dad’s or like my mom’s. It would probably be more close to my mom’s but there was a pull from my dad’s past. Looking back he did yell and get frustrated a lot. But compared to what he had I could see how he tried very hard to be the good example his father failed to give him. And he was a good example and still is because he works hard to provide such an example. He treats people with respect and understanding. There is hardly a place he can go without someone knowing him let alone him finding someone to talk to he doesn’t know. We always took separate cars because none of us ever wanted to be left with dad and his never resting tongue.

My mom was the school fighter. If the school did something wrong or stupid she’d fight and say something. If us as children did not live up to our potential she’d make us work harder. When I was learning to read I was having difficulty. I was not on level at all. Every night we’d go over flashcards and read for hours. I’d go to a tutor—she wanted me to read and I wanted to give up. She said I would cry and get so frustrated because it was so difficult for me to understand. She’d encourage me and push me and make me go on. I read books upon book upon books. I wrote and I write. In English I would get rave reviews because I write with such excitement and creativity. But my grammar and spelling killed my grades. When I read to her she says she cannot help but smile and remember how hard we worked to get me where I am. A learning disability’s scares—but oh how far I’ve come because of her.

I believe in the power of parents.

I believe without fathers sons do not know how to funnel their anger or know how to provide for the family. Fathers give children the knowledge to work hard and to take things with thick skin and not allow things to break the spirit; that you can be strong and still loving. My dad is the only child who does not have so much built up anger towards his dad as his siblings. I know of what happened but I do not feel hate towards grandfather because my father continues to show respect. I love my dad.

I believe without mothers the world would not have children with hope. My mother is always there to listen, give a hug and a smile. I believe mothers are the lighthouses and children are lost ships. Mothers always guide us home. I love my mother.

I believe in the power of parents. I respect single parents but I believe in the power of two to give a balanced perspective to raise a child or children who have the ability to pass on the amazing feelings and lessons in which were bestowed upon them.

I would be honored to be considered as awesome as I consider the power duo that raised me. I love them. I love them so much which is why I believe in the power of parents.