This I Believe

Caitlin - Centennial, Colorado
Entered on November 26, 2006
Age Group: Under 18


It’s a simple word, but a word that everyone knows. In the dictionary, it is described as “a cause of merriment”. Some people say it is an expression of happiness or silliness. For me, I believe that laughter is the one thing in the world that helps us through our hectic and busy lives.

In my daily life, laughter is everywhere. I live with two of the most funny and likeable people in the world; my mom and dad. In school, I have many friends who have a great sense of humor. Many of these people are in the drama department at school, and as everybody knows, actors can be quite silly. These are the type of people I seem to draw to the most. The ones that can laugh and enjoy life are the ones that everyone wants to be around.

Laughter is around me all the time as well in who I admire the most. One of these people is my idol, Ellen Degeneres. Everyday at 3 o’clock, she is the one who makes people laugh and she has a kind heart as well. Just the other day, she had the audience almost rolling on the ground with laughter. She is a person who has had tough times in the past, but has come through with laughter always. She said herself that she would try to make her mom laugh to cheer her up when she was just around 12 years old. Another one of these people is Robin Williams, who can’t go anywhere without making a joke or performing some type of accent.

Robin Williams also brings me to another point. When he was in the movie Patch Adams, he helped to make people laugh who were recovering in the hospital. This movie really coins the phrase of “laughter is the world’s best medicine”, and it’s true! Laughter is the thing that can make a person look forward to life and have fun. No matter what a person is going through, they can always laugh about it or find someone to laugh along with and talk to about it.

At my church, there are these two priests who I regard very highly and look up to; Father Ken and Father Sean. Father Ken was really the one who brought many people into the parish in the first place with the way he would make the people laugh every Sunday. He had a sweet, boyish face, and he absolutely loved little kids. He would give everyone Starbursts after mass. Then there is Father Sean who is an Irish priest (from Jersey) who is a small man, but has a huge laugh and a great sense of humor.

These two made me realize something. Both of these men were going into a place where they hardly knew anybody. But they went in there and made the entire congregation laugh. In spite of this, they knew that the people out there just wanted to enjoy life and laugh in a place where it was comfortable, and in the process come closer to God. If someone can do that, why can’t the rest of the world laugh with them?

Laughter is the world’s best medicine. Laughter is the thing that helps us in our daily lives and realize that “life is short; laugh”. Laughter; this I believe.