This I Believe

Katie - Virginia Beach, Virginia
Entered on November 26, 2006
Age Group: 18 - 30

Shuffle ‘em Up and Deal

You never know what cards life will deal to you and sometimes you don’t get the cards you want. You can fold, call, or raise and the decision you make can change the path of your future. I was dealt some good hands and a couple of bad hands at some crucial times growing up. I decided to take those bad hands, put on a poker face, and dive right in. I believe in playing with the hand you are dealt in life.

One of the worst hands I was dealt was when my mother changed the locks on me in the middle of the night with no explanation. It was the 2-7 off suit of life and I had to think of my next move fast. Many ideas began to shuffle through my mind. I only had a short stack of money but I decided to call and wish for a lucky card. To my amazement my friend said I could stay with her family until high school graduation; I flopped two 7’s and stole the pot. I knew I had to start a new, independent life and luck wouldn’t always be on my side. I began to look for a full time job to support myself after learning you can only count on yourself.

I was unsure of the next hand as I took a job in a bad part of town. Feeling like the underdog, I did everything I could to complete my projects a step above excellence, but my boss always reminded me how it wasn’t good enough. I approached her one day to discuss my job performance and she bluffed me into believing that she would give me a raise if I taught the seven in the morning training classes for the temp employees. I should have seen right through her tells: she didn’t look me in the eyes, her pointer finger rested on her lip, and she cleared her throat in an anxious manner. A little unsure, I raised. I lost that hand after my boss tried to get me to go all in and I folded. No raise ever came and I was led on a journey to my current job where I feel like a tournament winner.

Life will deal you countless hands, and it is up to you to make the right decision on where they will take you. I am happy that I was dealt a couple of bad hands because they led me to a place in my life where I want to be. I can’t imagine still being dependent on my parents and not working full time. Those hands were dealt to me for a reason. Maybe I wouldn’t be as motivated to graduate from college or maybe I would have learned work-place lessons too late. In any case, I wouldn’t ask for a re-deal. When you are dealt bad hands in life take them in stride and figure out how you can turn them into a jackpot. Now, if life would only deal me a Royal Flush for my love life…