This I Believe

Jenniffer - Palmdale, California
Entered on November 26, 2006
Age Group: Under 18

Trying gives more opportunities

I wake up in the morning thinking of school and what I am going to face in school. All these years of school have been hard but with a push of my teachers have made me the person I am. I see other students every day that think their life is over because they give up easily. I’ve been to the point of giving up everything and just not caring but I know that if I don’t try I won’t be a better person. School doesn’t always have to be challenging also things outside in the normal life.

My father had to leave school when he was in third grade because his parents separated and his mother couldn’t pay for him. My dad started working as a mechanic in el Salvador, and later he came to USA. Here he began working as constructer that can do more than painting and building. Now after about ten years he is getting more advantage in his work. My mother wanted to be a nurse but she left school and came to USA. She was working as a house keeper but now she is a professional cosmetologist. I’ve had learned so many things from them because they took advantage that the government was giving them.

In middle school the principal would always tell us the three T words, and they were try try try. To me they didn’t only mean to try but they also helped me when I was in my classes and I would think of how I can do better. There is no one in the world that some times wants to give up just because they are told that there is nothing that will help them and they feel hurt because they are being humiliated by someone that might just be jealous or thinks they can make it. Even to the most talented and richest professional person can give up.

I believe that if you take your time and do everything step by step you can become some that can be important or not famous but you know that everything you try is on you and the effort you did and the risks you took to be come a better person in life. I also believe that out in the world there is more opportunities if you are willing to take a chance and thinking that it can make your future way easier.