This I Believe

lauren - warwick, New York
Entered on November 26, 2006
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: love

Her heart was beating faster and faster as she got closer. She began to smile and run towards the door. Closer and closer…louder and louder…her heart felt as though it would beat out of her chest. She opened the door, and there he was. He lifted her off of the ground, his body melting into hers..he kissed her. I believe in love…true love. This has been something every girl has thought about, from the days of making Barbie and Ken kiss to our adulthood. I believe in the undeniable, over the heels, can’t wait to see eachother kind of love. The love where your whole world, and all that you need in it could be found in the heart of someone else. Some people doubt love, and think that it cannot be found. This is untrue. I believe we all have someone who we are meant to be with, and it is destiny that brings us together with that person. Love cannot be looked for, for it comes when we are least expecting it and sometimes when we are not ready to appreciate it for all that it is worth. True love is something that we all can experience, we just need to be patient until it comes.