This I Believe

rhonda - newark, Ohio
Entered on November 26, 2006
Age Group: 30 - 50

Apprerciatet the Things You Have

Mom always said, “Don’t take more than what you can eat.” While Dad said, “Apprerciate the things you have.” As a kid I had no idea what they meant. Are family was rich compared to most families I knew. We never had to worry about clothing, food or housing. Then you see TV specials about kids overseas who are starving and dying. It does not seem real when you watch it on TV until you see it first hand. That is when I believed life can be hard for others and we should appreciate the things we have.

It began the day when my dad said, “we were moving somewhere warm and near the ocean.” Finally, I thought my dream was coming true and California here I come!I sure was way off. We moved to Ghana, Africa.

Arriving in Ghana was the biggest change in my whole life,especially being a teenager. There were no malls, no theaters, no TV or radio stations to listen to. Not even a fast food joint to get a bite to eat. This place sucked! The best thing I received was education from living here. Which I have been able to pass down to my children.

On my first day of school I was running late, so I grabbed an apple as I ran out the door. That apple sounded good until that first bite. Then I decided to throw my apple into the bushes on the left. In midthrow, out came about twenty kids, boys and girls, fighting for my apple. I stopped in disbelief as well as shock. I instantly learned to appreciate what food I have.

Living in Ghana we had the chance to visit villages like on TV. We seen those poor children who were starving and dying. On one of my trips I left a can of soda sit as I turned mt head. I went to pick it up and it was gone. I looked around and seen a few of the kids taking turns sipping and laughing while enjoying my soda. Now when my kids leave a can lay I would say,” How would you like to visit Africa?”

Living in Africa has giving me the opportunity to appreciate what I have and to live a life more wisely. I never knew what sacrafices were until then. Now I believe we should be thankful for the things we have and no matter how bad are life seems, someone else might have it much worse.