This I Believe

Elaine - Coatesville, Pennsylvania
Entered on November 26, 2006
Age Group: 50 - 65

I believe that the word LIFE envelopes everything we see and don’t see. I believe that all species are equal. Animals, humans, insects, vegetation, flowers, the sky, the wind and all elements of the planet we inhabit. By thinking of one species as more important than another, we begin the path down that slippery slope that includes egoism and all forms of -ism. That, in its turn, leads to destruction, dislike, hatred.

I belive that communication should not be primarily words. Words are confusing and misleading and can be affected by extremes of emotion…shyness, hate, love, indifference, misunderstanding and almost infinite other reasons. Spoken words can also lead to a waste of time. Many years ago, in grade school, I remember words written around the black board…”small minds discuss people, average minds discuss events, great minds discuss ideas.” As pompous as that is, there is a kernel of truth hidden within. The most important and sincere communication is through the eyes; a smile; a light touch that reaches to the soul and can soothe; sitting side by side; silence. Words are too important to waste and silence is too important not to use on a regular basis.

I think that words should be a way of learning who we are. What we stand for and why. Learning about others through their words, their music, and their own particular sounds. The beauty of a storm and the wind. The quiet of a sunrise and sunset. The growth of a soul through solitude. Interactions should always be safe and respected even if they are not understood.

The human species is not the most important on our planet. In fact, we are the only species that can spontaneously disappear and not harm our environment. Arrogance can be a form of low self-esteem as can so many other harmful aspects of our selves. We do have a lot of love and protection to give but fear holds us back. So many times we don’t want to “make a fool of ourselves” so we stay quiet. That is sad. Many people have been hurt physically and emotionally by others and require medication to function in a normal manner. That is sad, too. Yes, we can and should learn from our experiences so we can understand and help others but there has to be a time when we let go and try to trust again.

All of life has the right to our planet and home. We have to respect the smallest, the wildest, the ugliest and the most beautiful. We all have an agenda. Acceptance of others’ behavior does not mean trying to imitate. It means putting ourselves into anothers’ life and understanding the events and parts of life that formed them. Empathy can be very painful but it is the best way to understand.