This I Believe

Emily - Centennial, Colorado
Entered on November 26, 2006
Age Group: Under 18

I believe that one person can change a life. No one person has a larger capability to change someone or to not. The difference is how you use that capability. Some people will choose to take the initiative when they see someone in need and others will simply let it go and instead worry about something that is more important to him or her.

About a year ago, I was presented with such a situation. There was a new girl at my school. I had seen her around but never knew her name. I figured that she was just another middle schooler and would eventually fade into the background like everyone else. Little did I know at the time, she had wanted to fade away forever. I heard rumors around school that she had wanted to commit suicide. I didn’t want to believe them and instead wanted to get to know her and find out the truth.

Coincidentally, we both joined the volleyball team that spring and ended up on the same team. We started to get to know each other and strangely enough, her name was Emily, too. Even when I first met her, it was clear to me that she had had thoughts of suicide. We started to talk and eventually became friends. She had more going on in her life at the age of 13 than I ever hope to have in a lifetime. I felt so connected to her as if I knew what she was going through even though I had never experienced anything like it. I learned so much about her, and in turn, learned so much about myself. The first day I met her, I remember her being very sad and worn out. Everyday though, it seemed that she was a little bit happier. I know deep down that during the short time that I knew her, she changed. It seemed to me then and even now that I look back on it; all she needed was a friend. She had gone most of her life without having anyone to talk to or to have fun with. I will probably never know in exactly what ways, but somehow, I think I may have changed her life.

So where exactly am I going with this you may ask? Well to tell you the truth, that’s up to you. That day, I couldn’t have ever guessed what would come of getting to know Emily. To tell you the truth, I don’t know why we were on the same volleyball team and I don’t know why I seemed to meet her at the right time; before it was too late. You will never know how far one small step will take you. Don’t take the easy way out. Take what destiny throws at you and try to make the best of it. Who knows; you may just end up changing a life.