This I Believe

Kaytlin - Centennial, Colorado
Entered on November 25, 2006
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: family, legacy

The Legacy Left Behind

I move through life, going about my daily business, going to school, involved in activities, hanging out with my friends, doing the family thing. Why am I like I am, what makes me the kind of person I am? I look in the mirror and I see one person standing there, but my essence is a complex mix of people I am part of.

I believe that in each person there are qualities that were part of the greatness of the people that came before them. I hear stories about my grandfather and what a tough father he was to my dad and his brothers, yet all I remember is being a little girl, my grandfather getting down on his hands and knees helping me clean up the mess that I made. Everyone has the right to change. Honesty is important to my dad, probably one the most important qualities to him and about him. The consequences are not as bad if the truth is told. You can never be wrong if you tell the truth. If you lie to me, it will become hard to determine whether or not I should believe you. My grandmothers heart is big and forgiving, I can feel her love even when I am not around her. Her arms of compassion are long and with no boundaries. Strength comes from within, sometimes you need to reach down further then other times in order to find it. My mom finds strength for me that I didn’t know I had. Loyalty comes from being part of two large families, all of my aunts, uncles and cousins, this I will extend to my friendships in the future.

I don’t remember ever being set down and talked to about any of this, except the truthful part of course. I don’t remember ever being handed a book to read about qualities that make up a person, yet I find all of these qualities deeply embedded in my making. As I continue on life’s journey, these qualities will be what I remember of people they came from, they will be what they have left for me. And by the same token I wonder if I will turn out to be someone who passes on the same traits that were passed on to me or will I become someone who finds a trait in myself that I will find later in life.

In each person there resides qualities that were part of the greatness of the people that came before them, this I believe.