This I Believe

Luella - Harrisonburg, Virginia
Entered on November 25, 2006
Age Group: 18 - 30

The World View of a Nurse

Understanding Florence Nightingale’s world view brings me to analyze my own world view. My world view is ultimately based on God as Creator and Parent. This faith has shaped my understanding of the world since my beginning. I believe that all persons are created in God’s image and are worthy of the love that God gives, although I struggle in my humanism to always see that. I see all of God’s creation as beautiful, which creates in me a desire to care for all things. I see the richness in people and those around me as a gift from God.

Through my Mennonite faith and my rooted family, I have come to believe that community is essential to being the complete person that He has in mind for me, through the support and the talents of other people. We are all pieces of a puzzle that together we make a beautiful and complete picture. I believe that feeling included and a part of something is essential to being a successful and whole individual. It is something that I strive for in my own personal life and what I desire for others.

My Mennonite faith has given me a belief that because all persons are God’s creation, all people are innately good and beautiful. Through exposure to different cultures, music, art, and languages, I appreciate and value the diversity seen throughout the world. I see all creatures as equal in that they are all God’s and that they are all beautiful; however they are incomparable, and that is okay.

My growing up years and the influences that continue to surround me have instilled in me the great value of service, which derives from the core of my world view of God being the center. It is this that has led to me nursing. The belief that all persons deserve care and healing at their most vulnerable moments is what motivates me to be the nurse and person that I am.