This I Believe

Amy - Blair, Nebraska
Entered on November 25, 2006
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: pleasure

Naps: The Essence of Life

It’s Three o’clock and I have just finished my last class for the day. I have been bombarded with lectures and notes and irrelevant information. Through it all, I have found the answer to most life’s problems and it comes packaged in a three letter word, nap.

Naps are certainly one thing in life that the older you get, the better you understand. In kindergarten, naps were a curse, a vile distraction from distracting others. Even during the weekend my mom would lay me down and I would have the inclination jump back up. Now I have no idea why.

As a college student I crave naps the way sweating men crave towels. I look for them at every angle, counting the minutes till Morpheus meets me at my pillow. I believe in sprawled out, upside down, sleep talking, drooling on the sheets, naps and everything they stand for. I believe in five minutes in between classes on the cold wooden bench or at lunch, nodding off until you’re face-first in your salad. Some claim they don’t have time to enter dreamland, afraid of being late for something. So often people feel the constant need to work when resting is equally important.

I believe that naps are essential; no day is complete without one. Naps can clear the mind, relieve stress and ease the soul. Think of a world where everyone napped. People would no longer be cranky. Who has the time to start a war when they could be napping? Every U.S Embassy would be offering pillows, diplomats saying, “Let me nap on it” instead of jumping into battle or building bombs. We should speak in Z’s and have battles of snoring and chuck nothing but pillows at one another.

We should admire the cat; the feline should be our hero. They sleep as the please without a care in the world. Napping is their lifestyle, their job. Granted, it’s hard to find a job where you sleep all day, but that’s not the point. Naps increase happiness and ultimately increasing productivity at the workplace. This is one time when happiness and money can actually go hand in hand.

Who would have known that something so simple could have such an impact on your life? Take time and nap. Even when I’m down, or it seems that all is lost, I look to the sleeping stray and think, yeah, that’s where it is.