This I Believe

Sam - USA
Entered on November 24, 2006
Age Group: 18 - 30

I believe that the college process is way to stressful. There is pressure to get in to the best college right when you get into high school. Parents, teachers, and friends always said that you need to do well so that you can have a better future and go to a great college. The process gets even worse once you get to junior year; this is the start of college searching. Your parents want you to see one hundred different colleges, do fifty different interviews, and sign up for one hundred more mailing lists. Looking at colleges is stressful. Unfortunately, this is just the beginning. The SAT or ACT is the next big, stressful step in the college process. After months of going to SAT prep classes and hours of studying the stupid vocabulary words, you go sit in a room for four hours, and take the test that you have been told is the most important test that you will ever take in your life. The SAT is stressful. After you finally finish with the SAT portion of the college process, you move to the application. This consists of spending hours and hours writing and rewriting you essays, taking days to fill out the million repetitive questions, and having to go back and look at your transcript from your entire high school career. The application is stressful. Finally you submit your application, but the worst part is yet to come: the waiting part. You wait, and wait, and wait for that letter to come from the college. Each day you check the mail, wondering if you will find out if you got accepted or rejected. Waiting is stressful. Finally the letter comes, but you can’t open it. It sits there for hours because you’re afraid what the contents are going to reveal, are you into college or not. Eventually you decide it is time to open the letter, to see where and what the next four years of your life is going to look like. It doesn’t matter whether you got into the college or not, but wow that process is way to stressful. The college process is stressful.