This I Believe

J - Chicago, Illinois
Entered on November 24, 2006
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: creativity

Creativity…….. That’s one thing out of my life that I value the most. Just the thought and idea of being creative really inspires me and makes me who I’ am. This is why I believe that creativity is an important asset to my life.

The reason why I feel that creativity is important to my life is because, it really helped me find out who I’ am as a person and an individual. Being creative opened my mind to doing things like making music, writing short stories and scripts, and having ideas for films and things like that. Just the idea of doing something and making it my own, from the style, the appearance, the shape, and tone really left a mark own the way I would do things in my life. Like the thought I get when I’m about to write a song or compose a beat, and just saying to myself “Man I can this beat sound anyway I want it to sound” or “Man I can write this song about anything I want it to be about”, and just thinking like that really makes me feel good, and to know that there’s no limits to what can be done. It’s that feeling of not being held back from things, and I think I’m attracted to that reason the most when I think about creativity. Especially coming from these small classes I use to be in when I was in the 4th grade, were everything was slow paced and everything was on this lower level of learning then other students in regular classes. And being in that type of situation I felt really held back from things and I felt like I wasn’t having that freedom that the students in regular classes were having. So when I was in my early stages with my creativity it was giving me that freedom I felt I was missing in my life when I was in those type classes.

So this is why creativity is so important to me, and why I value it the most out of my life, because it gives me life. And I believe that creativity can help other people in the world that are trying to find out who they are as an individual and a person. Just think creativity and maybe you’ll find out.