This I Believe

annet - frederick, Maryland
Entered on November 24, 2006
Age Group: 30 - 50

“THIS I BELIEVE”- the power of Allah is beyond imagination

Since I come from an Islamic back ground, I believe in “Allah” same as God that once you acknowledge him, you can never fail in life. And that is why in my religion; at every beginning of prayer we have to call his name three times from all the three corners of the earth to be present as we pray. Life is challenging and the older I get, I find that I have to have faith in Allah. I have been through all kinds of temptations in the most difficult times where by I felt as though I was a failure and a good example is when I decided to go back to school three years ago, being a single parent and working full time and at night, I thought it was impossible but as I prayed for guidance and clarity; in my mind a question came to me what did I want? And as it is written both in the bible and the Koran, ask and you shall be given. I asked Allah to help me focus my mind on the most important things in life. And at that moment I knew that going back to school I was paving a way to a better life, a life that would eventually help me raise my son with pride and dignity. From there on I never under estimated the power of Allah. I knew that I had to talk to Allah out loud because he is around us from all directions but also you have to call on him so that he can know that you need him. And since there is so much pressure in the world we live in today, we find ourselves stressed out and if not careful, it can lead to depression which I can admit that I have been there. Through prayer and the consistency of calling Allah, I plead for his mercy to lead my way and that I will follow and do according to his deeds with a sincere frame of mind while in prayer. I try not to let any thing destruct me because that time is special for him and that is what he requires of us to give him and nothing more. But for the most part in my life, I am grateful that Allah has given me the strength to accomplish what I asked for three years ago and I sincerely believe that with the consistency in prayer he can never let me fall off track that am currently on. At every end of my prayer I glorify, bless, praise, exalt his name because he is my hope and my paddle stool and I am who I am because of Allah.