This I Believe

Andrew - 46062, Indiana
Entered on November 23, 2006
Age Group: Under 18


I believe in procrastination. No really, I do. And before you write me off as lazy, as a slacker, as an underachiever, let me explain myself.

I believe in taking that one last trip to the kitchen to polish off whatever may be left after the five other refrigerator excursions in the last hour. People who start on their work right away haven’t tried nearly as many different kinds of food as I have, guaranteed. Plus, I’m sure they don’t know how many marshmallows they can fit into their mouth at one time (nine for me).

I believe in calling as many of my friends as will answer their phones and talking for as long as possible before starting my work. Kids who start early aren’t nearly as close to their friends as I am.

I believe in watching whatever happens to be on TV and surfing the web for hours, no matter how dull or unentertaining. I guarantee I know more about the world today than most kids my age who have their nose stuck in a calculus book.

I believe in sleeping, or at least convincing myself I’m asleep, for as long as possible. I’ll bet I’m more relaxed than the average student who gets their work done early, and I’m sure I’m less likely to get into a car accident driving to school in the morning, the more rested I am.

I believe in listening to music before doing my work. I love almost all styles of music, and can spend forever listening to it before I work. I doubt I’ll remember number 12 on page 81 of my calculus book (it deals with limits, discontinuities, and tangent slope, in case you were wondering), but I’ll always remember my favorite songs.

I believe in seizing my weekend as mine. It’s my time to sleep in, to spend time with my friends and family, to go out and pig out on fast food with my bandmates, to drive way too fast, to scare the old folks on Noblesville Square with Slayer blasting through my open windows, only to change it back to Dave Brubeck after I pass by.

That’s why I’m writing this last line of my essay at 10:22PM, the night before it’s due. I believe in living before I’m too old to enjoy a life free of the responsibilities and constraints of being an adult. I’ve got plenty of time for that later.