This I Believe

Krista - Everett, Washington
Entered on November 22, 2006
Age Group: Under 18

I believe in doing volunteer work. I believe in helping people in any way that I can. I

like how it makes you feel when you see how it makes a difference in people’s lives.

Right now I volunteer at Equifriends. Equifriends is a therapeutic horseback riding farm.

This past February one of the people I “work” with at Equifriends turned six years old

just before I turned fifteen. His other volunteer and I were talking to him about how I was

so much older than him. We ended up telling him I was an old fart and this in turn made

him laugh. For the rest of his riding lesson he kept calling me an old fart in that cute little

boy way. If you weren’t there this story probably isn’t as funny to you but every time I

think of that day it makes me smile.

I remember that this past Valentine’s Day as I was working with another one of my

riders, as us volunteer’s call them, another volunteer asked him who his valentine was

and he smiled and pointed to me. Whenever he wasn’t in the middle of the horse he was

slipping towards me. I’ve also seen this rider go from not having enough balance on the

horse to ride in a saddle to gaining balance and being able to ride in a saddle. It’s fun

watching this people become much stronger people through this program and know that

you are helping them become those people.

I’ve also done another type of volunteer work. When I was in Girl Scouts my troop

volunteered to help an elderly woman with her house work. Grandma Gracie, as we

called her, was probably one of the kindest women I have ever met. I remember that she

was always making us laugh. Not only did we change her life but she changed ours in

more ways than we know. Sadly we lost her not that long ago.

If I had never been a part of these people’s lives they might not be where they are

today. Through volunteer work you can better a person’s life which in turn can better

your life. I know if I had never been a part of these people’s lives my life would never

have been what it is today: much more enriched. If I could go back and have the choice on whether or not to do all the volunteer work that I have done I would make the same choice I did then.