This I Believe

Jeannemarie - Calimesa, California
Entered on November 22, 2006
Age Group: 30 - 50


Today on this day of Thanksgiving, I believe it is important to give special thanks for the important gifts in our lives, regardless of religious views or spiritual beliefs. For me, this thanks is in the form of prayer to my God, though I believe for each individual it should be in a form that is as unique, whether through meditation, conversation, song, poem, or other expression. For me this is my prayer of special thanks:

Today on this very special day, I am thankful for the most wonderful gifts a mother could have: my three beautiful boys, Ian, Aidan and Collin. I pray that you continue to watch over them as you have always done and pray that you continue to give them the ability to make good moral choices as young boys and young men. Grant them the ability to always remember what is important in life.

SIMPLICITY: May they always know and cherish that leading their own simple life will always lead to peacefulness;

ACCEPTANCE: May they always be accepting of others no matter where they come from, how rich or poor, how intelligent or average and know that every person deserves to be accepted and treated with the same fairness;

IMAGINATION and CREATIVITY: May they always feel comfortable to grow with their imagination and be as creative as they desire in their own unique and individual ways, knowing that they can succeed at anything they put their mind, heart and soul into;

COURAGE: Grant them the strength of courage to pursue their dreams and conquer their fears and the confidence in themselves to always follow their own individual heart; and

GRATITUDE: Most of all, may they continue to be grateful for the loving family that surrounds them and continue to bless their hearts with the kindness of being the caring and respectful boys they are. And, with your guidance, may they always know that having family and being surrounded by the simpleness of love will always be the greatest and richest gift of all.

This, I Believe.