This I Believe

Leslie - Columbus, Ohio
Entered on November 22, 2006
Age Group: 50 - 65
Themes: hope, nature

Luna, lune, moon. A celestial body created millions of years ago. A mysterious man embodied by a spherical prison. The earth’s ultimate satellite. Thousands of definitions and beliefs for this simple noun. What is my definition?

To a child’s innocent eye, there is no scale with which to compare the moon’s distance or size. It is simply a silver orb that floats in the darkness of a wide, wide world. Once upon a time, in a land across the sea, at a time when the wonder of my childhood was ripe, I used to take walks with my mother at night and watch this silver orb and smell the nighttime breeze. I used to lie down near my enchanted garden and fall asleep watching the celestial bodies. I was in a dream world, as most children are, and lost in the mysteries of it. There were new things to learn each day, new trials to face, new pains to greet, and new inspirations to reach for; and it was so easy to be lost in the Ever-Changing. But the moon–the moon was constant. It followed the same path across the sky and hung over the same tree at the same hour. Whether it shifted shapes or was gone every now and then, you could count on its return. It was full of the things that have been, while being full of the mysteries of what could be. Knowing nothing of the world, it managed to know everything at the same time. When there were no answers, there was the moon. It asked no questions, had no answers. It was simply there.

Three billion souls watch it every night, connecting and interpreting its quiet face to their own situations as they wish, for it is this face that unifies with the rest of the world’s wonder, pain, joy, and magic.

So, what is my belief of the moon? I believe the moon is the light in a light-opposing world, the candle in a dark room. It is the hope against all the things in life we fear and the abyss of all our mysteries. It is the keeper of the power of humanity and the comforter and fairy godmother of the human race, and I believe in it.