This I Believe

Dan - Shawnee, Oklahoma
Entered on November 22, 2006
Age Group: 50 - 65
Themes: golden rule

I believe in a personal philosophy based on freedom and doing no harm.

I believe in the freedom to live the way I want, believe the way I want and do whatever I want as long as I don’t harm others or the natural world around me. And I believe in being tolerant, open minded and accepting of others beliefs, viewpoints and practices, as long as they don’t harm others or the world we all live in. In other words, if the beliefs or practices of others do not impact my life or that of Mother Nature in some tangible fashion, then to put it simply; It is NONE OF MY BUSINESS. Even if I find something that they choose to do strange or even revolting, I feel that it’s not my place to tell others how they should live and vice versa.

I also believe that it’s not my place to try to impose my beliefs on others by working or voting to make my beliefs into law and/or working or voting to make what they choose to believe or practice against the law. I believe there can be no higher ideal of a supposedly free country than live and let live.

And I believe in helping others whenever I can afford to, either economically or by taking the time necessary to do what I can to help them, though I realize that I can’t help everyone that needs help in this world. I think that it does matter how you treat others and that if you do good things, then there’s a better chance that good things will come back to you. Treating others the way you wish to be treated seems like fundamental common sense to me. I think “The Golden Rule” is a good philosophy regardless of your religious beliefs.

I believe that we are all in this life together and that we must make the most of it while we are here, and that future generations deserve to have a chance to experience a world that is still beautiful enough and safe enough to enjoy and preserve for their own children. So I do what I can to help protect the environment, trying to maximize the positive and minimize the negative impact that I have on it.

I believe in being a good citizen of the world. I believe in freedom for all.