This I Believe

Nate - Los Angeles, California
Entered on November 21, 2006
Age Group: 18 - 30

I love to read. I love to read eyes.

I dream about deserts and mountains, motorcycles and mist.

I want to be a beautiful writer. I want to create masterpieces of oratory. I want to bring to walls crashing down. I want to make the grandfathers cry, laugh, and smile with their granddaughters. I want to stir people.

I want to unite people about what is good, what is right and what is gentle. I firmly believe the most potent displays of strength are shown through kindness and mercy. I believe admitting to mistakes is the only way to justify pride.

‘Poets are the unacknowledged legislatures of the world.’ I want to be a poet and a congressman at the same time. I want to mix art and government. I want to legislate beautifully.

‘Artists lie to tell the truth about the world. Politicians lie to hide the truth about the world.’

I want to reverse the trend – I want to present truth to power. I want to speak truth to the world through political artistry. I want to commit political literature.

‘I’m delighted by the failure of any one factor to account for the richness of reality.’ I want to be perfect. I want to be a leader. I’m ambitious.

But simply – I’m resigned to an incomplete control over my own life. I rejoice in the randomness of it all. And I’m unwaveringly able to maintain a clear and steady focus towards absorbing every single moment.

I find smiles as beautiful as tears. I try to live like a child. I ask ‘why’ and ‘how’ about everything and everyone I don’t fully understand. I won’t get old, only older.

I find hunger painful – hunger for anything – food, love, riches. I’m incredibly frustrated by people whom have perfect faith in anything. I love the concept of belief – for example, I believe that people are inherently kind. I’ve never once given up on anybody.

I’m weakened by anti-intellectualism. I’m frightened that children are taught not to think. I find pop-culture a tool of positive change rather than a tool of oppression. Because something is popular does not create its seemingly inherent corruption – it is after all, the culmination of our human nature.

I believe that government is a place for people to come together – better than a supermarket or a country club – we must come together as a society in some form and because government protects us in a way more equal than any other – I choose it. I believe however, that it must be protected.

Democracies need gardeners – and I have all the time in the world to get dirt on my knees.

I love cameras – I love cell phones. I’m a technology junkie because I see technology as an expression and amplification of our humanity – not a dulling of our sociality, but an enhancement of our social strengths. I love the internet. I think communications technology will be the single most important factor in creating a more peaceful, equal and just world.

When I’m on the freeway – I get a sense of ‘we are all in this together’ rather then an angry frustration with those around me causing the traffic. The other day I heard some people say “What will they think of next?!”

I realized – that statement is the antithesis of the way I approach the world. For me, it’s: “What will we think of next.”

I’m firmly hopeful, it’s in my nature.