This I Believe

steve - brunswick, Ohio
Entered on November 21, 2006
Age Group: 50 - 65

in this i believe…the one voice.

morning people. i really don’t have any in my house, but i grew up with one…my father. he was an early riser…and a happy one at that. he loved his job and wanted to be at work by 7 am. he loved to whistle while he was getting ready in the morning. this was very aggravating for a teenager!

he loved getting up early on saturday morning also. he did the same whistle thing and then would head to my room. he always had some saturday project going, that i needed to be involved in. his voice, already awake for hours, would begin in a singing like fashion….”steeeeeve….time to get uuuuuup!” he would attempt to lure me out of bed with pancakes. he loved to make pancakes or eggs on saturday morning.

now, i have children…grown children that are night owls. they love to stay up late and watch dvd’s. i lay in bed and hear the slight muffling of voices on the floor below me. many nights, i reach one leg out of the warm bed and pound it on the floor….which has become the universal signal to turn the noise down.

over the years i’ve gone through phases of comparing my sleeping habits to others. if i laid in bed a little late, i could still hear my father whistling, and calling me in a singing voice. i would lay there feeling lazy. other times, i heard the gleeful laughter after midnight from my kids and think, you party pooper….can’t stay up past midnight. finally, i have settled down…i know who i am. i understand my body’s clock. it directs me. it leads me…and when i do not listen…i pay for it….and others may also!

i have hundreds of geese that live in my back yard. they talk all night. when i first moved in, it keep me awake all night. it would sound as if they were laughing…wont…wont…wont. after several days, your mind starts blocking it out….cool feature that god gave us! i used to live near a railroad track. at 2 in the morning, and four in the morning, the whistle blowing train would pass through. again, within days, i never heard it.

i guess that our minds have the ability to adjust and eventually shut out hindrances to life. i wish it was that easy during the day…you know…to shut out voices that call for us to abandon our own plan and schedule. maybe god takes care of the night and has left it for us to take care of the day. see if you can make it through one day without being knocked off course by one unauthorized voice. let god be the voice that directs you.

you might become a sleep walker…undistracted…unchallenged…unhindered, and life could become a dream!