This I Believe

Geoffrey - Conway, Arkansas
Entered on November 21, 2006
Age Group: 18 - 30

I believe that there is one God who created and governs the universe. I believe that though every step in science we reveal more of the amazing creation we live in. He’s not an angry God, nor a condescending one. His word and teachings are universally mis-represented (nobody gets it right all of the time), but when it comes down to it He is an all powerful God who is merciful and compassionate.

I believe that the most important issue in the politics is human life. If a human life is at stake, the goal of government should be to protect it at all costs. That and a very few other issues are biblical issues that belong in law, otherwise all issues are policy and should not be argued politically on the basis of any religious belief.

I believe that people in the world just spend too much time stressing over small details that simply don’t matter in the long run. Some people stress over things to the point that they get physically ill, and the things they are upset about really aren’t that big of a deal in the scheme of things. Being aggressive and competitive is fun, for sure, but people should just slow down and take a moment to see if they can be nice to those around them. Nobody can perfect this, but if everyone tried I believe we could get close enough.

I believe in the good nature of people as a whole. Yes there are crazy people out there, but the variety makes things interesting. Every human has an interesting story, and every human has a good nature and intuition that separates them from the rest of creation.

Overall, I believe that if people would take it easy for just a minute or two every day all of our lives would be easier. People get into ruts and routines and become just like robots, doing something because they are supposed to and not because they’ve thought about it. I believe that the world is a good place to be and could be made better simply by people being nice to one another on a consistent basis. I believe many things, which have all come out in a jumbled mess here, but I am passionate about them.